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About David

Aside from people who are close to us, a home can be the greatest source of comfort in our lives. Whether it's a mansion, a condo, a ranch, a bungalow, an apartment, or an igloo, your home is a sanctuary. And whether it's the dazzling views, the highly functional kitchen, the nourishing herb garden, the utility of an oversized garage, or the historic arches of the doorways, a home has characteristics that speak to our individual lifestyles, our priorities, our souls.
So, love the place you choose for your home. It matters. 


The experience of buying or selling a home can, and should be, fun. Really. Although it's a big decision that involves a considerable amount of money, countless homes are bought and sold every day and there are people who make a living at simplifying the process for you. Without question, David is one of those people. By putting him to work, you can put more of your time and energy into thinking about the herbs to grow in the garden, the photos to take of the views, the gatherings to be had in the kitchen. 


With David, you come first in the relationship. He will remind you along the way that it's a pleasure and an honor to do his best for you.

Prior to moving to L.A. from Seattle in 2009, David's career had been spent working in world of technology. With a BS from Rutgers University and an MS from Southern Methodist University, he spent 20 years with AT&T / Bell Labs, RealNetworks and Medio Systems managing the development and deployment of very large, complex data network and broadcast management solutions for clients all over the world. These projects involved countless tasks to be done on time, in a particular sequence, delivered according to the terms of a contract. Now, he does the same thing, but with a product whose value is much more tangible and whose "launch date" is much for fulfilling to him.. the day he hands you the keys to your new home.

David is a perfect fit for the PLG office. In his own words: "I am thrilled and proud to be a member of the highly effective and accomplished team at Peter Lorimer Group Estates. Service is my personal mantra. Think Nordstrom, but for real estate... and that's me. Give me a ring and find out for yourself."

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